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Nieuwsberichten vanuit Eurolab

Publicatiedatum: 22 aug, 2019
Nieuwsberichten vanuit Eurolab


  • Notice was issued on August 19, 2019 of ISO’s intent to disband ISO/TC 179, Masonry. Questions can be submitted to helpdesk@iso.org


  • The ILAC Inspection Committee (IC) is submitting the document, titled “ILAC-P15:xx/20xx Application of ISO/IEC 17020:2012 for the Accreditation of Inspection Bodies” to all ILAC members for a 60-day comment period. As a result of the decision of the ILAC IC to initiate a review of ILAC P15, the revised draft was prepared by the ILAC IC WG 6 and then reviewed by the members of the IC. In the review process the WG considered the following issues:
  • content of recently published ILAC documents;
  • outcome of ILAC workshops;
  • outcome of ISO CASCO clarification requests;
  • agreed ILAC IC answers to questions from members concerning the implementation of the requirements in ISO/IEC 17020; and
  • experience from application of the guidance provided in the earlier version.

A zip file is attached containing the draft and comment form is attached (see “ACR Item 50 – ILAC P15 xx_20xx”)


  • IAF has released IAF MD 8:201X Application of ISO/IEC 17011:2004 in the Field of Medical Device Quality Management Systems (ISO 13485) (Issue 4) for 60-day comment. This document provides normative criteria on the application of ISO/IEC 17011:2017 for the accreditation of bodies providing audit and certification of organization’s management system to ISO13485.

A zip file containing the draft document and a Comment and Observations Template is attached (see “ACR Item 49 – IAF MD8 Issue 4 60-Day Comment”)

Please provide all comments using the attached comment template to the EUROLAB Secretariat by 27 September 2019.


General Notices

Events (recent updates highlighted in Yellow):

  • September 16-20 2019 – ISO Week 2019, Cape Town, South Africa https://ga2019.iso.org/welcome.html
  • September 18-20 2019 – ISO General Assembly, Cape Town, South Africa
  • September 23-25 2019 – ISO CASCO WG 49 ISO/IEC 17000, Geneva, Switzerland
  • September 25-26 2019 – Observatory Plenary Meeting, EUIPO 25 (https://euipo.blumm.it/event/ar/1/observatory-plenary-meeting, registration deadline is 3 September 2019)
  • September 26-27 2019 – ISO CASCO WG 23 CASCO common elements, Geneva, Switzerland
  • October 11 2019 – WSC Academic Day, Belgrade, Serbia http://www.cvent.com/d/dyqk0l
  • October 14 2019 – World Standards Day
  • October 21-30 2019 – Joint IAF-ILAC Annual Meetings, Frankfurt, Germany
  • November 20-21 2019 – EA General Assembly Meeting, Budapest, Hungary: Event Details: https://44thgeneralassembly.hu/  The online registration is available on the website by using the registration platform till 30th August 2019. https://44thgeneralassembly.hu/
  • November 20-21 2019 – 13th Annual CITA RAG AA Meeting, Shenzhen, China, Theme: “Improving PTI Compliance Through Technical Innovation.” Email the following contacts to confirm registration or receive additional information: Mr. George Wang george@cosber.com and CITA SECRETARIAT secretariat@citainsp.org by 30 OCTOBER 2019.
  • March 30-April 6 2020 – Joint IAF-ILAC Mid-Term Meetings, Beijing, China
  • May 5-6 2020 – 2020 CASCO Plenary, Berlin, Germany

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