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Nieuwsberichten vanuit Eurolab augustus 2019

Publicatiedatum: 02 sep, 2019
Nieuwsberichten vanuit Eurolab augustus 2019

Collated Comments All Members_Articles_2019 06 07

Collated Comments All Members_Bylaws_2019 04-01_Updated 7 June  

ILAC Articles of Association_2019 05-30 Tracked

ILAC Bylaws Draft 10 Dated 2019-05-30 tracked  

ACR Item 52 – 2019 03 10 ILAC Secretariat Study – Initial Report Ver 1-4  

ACR Item 52 – 2019 08 08 Secretariat Study – Executive Proposal for GA – Ver 2 Clean  

ACR Item 51 – ISO-CASCO_N0949_CASCO_Circular_letter_-_CIB_-_WADA_A_Liaison_Application_with_CASCO


  • A Committee Internal Ballot (CIB) was opened on 26 August 2019 regarding World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Application for A-liaison status with ISO/CASCO. (See attached “ACR Item 51 – ISO-CASCO_N0949_CASCO_Circular_letter_-_CIB_-_WADA_A_Liaison_Application_with_CASCO”)
  • To provide feedback in support/against this application, please email the EUROLAB Secretariat by 13 September 2019.


  • In 2018 ILAC commenced a Secretariate Study to identify and optimize the ILAC structure and ensure ILAC has access to adequate resources to meet and sustain its agreed objectives.

The study is in the final stages and ILAC has provided members with a copy of the Study Proposal (see attached “ACR Item 52 – 2019 08 08 Secretariat Study – Executive Proposal for GA – Ver 2 Clean”) and a copy of the Initial Report (see attached “ACR Item 52 – 2019 03 10 ILAC Secretariat Study – Initial Report Ver 1-4”)

The study will be discussed during the upcoming ILAC General Assembly in Frankfurt 28 and 30 October 2019 and all members are encouraged to review and be prepared to discuss.

Background and take-aways: ILAC is currently managed by NATA through a Deed of Agreement. The Study considered the pros/cons of three options, keeping management by NATA, transitioning to a 3rd party contractor, or to ILAC hiring staff and managing operations themselves. It’s expected that 2 additional staff in addition to what NATA provides would be needed to maintain all services/operations of ILAC. Key take-aways – ILAC needs a well-known figure to act as the Secretary General of ILAC to help facilitate more political and communicative roles. ILAC Secretariats need more support from ILAC to manage committees. ILAC also needs support for finance, communications, and legal functions. Someone independent of the ILAC membership is preferred to avoid conflicts of interest.

  • The ILAC Articles of Association and Bylaws have been revised based on feedback received from members. ILAC is now circulating the revised documents for consideration. The documents will be discussed and a ballot help during the ILAC General Assembly on 30 October 2019 in Frankfurt, Germany.

(See attached zip file “ACR Item 53 – AoA Bylaws_Members 19 August”)


  • The following documents are now available on the IAF website:
  1. IAF MLA Annual Report 2018

The IAF MLA Annual Report 2018 details activities carried out as part of the peer evaluation process to ensure that regulators, specifiers, and businesses can have confidence in the MLA.

It is available on the IAF website under Publications, Promotional Documents.

  1. IAF MLA Annual Report 2018 Infographic

An Infographic was developed alongside the 2018 IAF MLA Report, and presents key statistics showing the growth of the IAF MLA in 2018 in an easily accessible visual format

It is available on the IAF website under Publications, Promotional Documents.

  1. TC Conveners Handbook

This document provides Conveners of TC Task Forces and Working Groups information on rules and membership of WGs and TFs, the document development process, and on working with the MLAC/MLA MC.

It is available on the Members’ side of the IAF website under Technical Committee.

  1. IAF Overview (Presentation)

This PowerPoint presentation contains information on IAF, including its objectives, benefits, structure, current status of the IAF MLA and use of the IAF MLA Mark.

It is available on the IAF website under Publications, Promotional Documents.

In addition, the following documents were withdrawn or removed from the website:

  1. IAF MD18:2015 Application of ISO/IEC 17021:2011 in the Service Management Sector(ISO/IEC 20000-1)

This document was withdrawn in accordance with IAF Resolution 2017-18, which states (in part):

The General Assembly further resolved that the transition period for the implementation of ISO/IEC 20000-6:2017 be two years from the date of publication, i.e. 06 June 2017. After the transition period, IAF MD18:2015 Application of ISO/IEC 17021:2011 in the Service Management Sector (ISO/IEC 20000-1) will be withdrawn.

  1. MD4:2008 IAF Mandatory Document for the use of Computer Assisted Auditing Techniques (“CAAT”) for Accredited Certification of Management Systems

This document was removed from the IAF website following the end of the transition period for MD4:2018.

A copy of MD4 and MD18 are attached for your records.


General Notices

Events (recent updates highlighted in Yellow):

  • September 16-20 2019 – ISO Week 2019, Cape Town, South Africa https://ga2019.iso.org/welcome.html
  • September 18-20 2019 – ISO General Assembly, Cape Town, South Africa
  • September 23-25 2019 – ISO CASCO WG 49 ISO/IEC 17000, Geneva, Switzerland
  • September 25-26 2019 – Observatory Plenary Meeting, EUIPO 25 (https://euipo.blumm.it/event/ar/1/observatory-plenary-meeting, registration deadline is 3 September 2019)
  • September 26-27 2019 – ISO CASCO WG 23 CASCO common elements, Geneva, Switzerland
  • October 11 2019 – WSC Academic Day, Belgrade, Serbia http://www.cvent.com/d/dyqk0l
  • October 14 2019 – World Standards Day
  • October 21-30 2019 – Joint IAF-ILAC Annual Meetings, Frankfurt, Germany

An official meeting website: https://ilaciafmeetings.org

Registrations are now being accepted.

Queries regarding logistics, registration, payments, invitation letters, etc. should be directed to the event organiser responsible for managing the meetings on behalf of IAF and ILAC: Event Organiser: Chantel Beaupre; +1-613-769-9500; info@iaf-ilac-meetings.org; Skype: SaySomethingInc.

  • October 22 2019 – IAF Product Certification Working Group meeting (https://ilaciafmeetings.org/schedule)
  • October 30-31 2019 – CITA Regional Advisory Group Africa (RAG A) annual group meeting. Marrakesh, Morocco. 30 October- conference, 31 October, Technical visit. If you wish participate to the meeting, please sent a confirmation email to CITA SECRETARIAT secretariat@citainsp.org by 1 OCTOBER 2019.
  • November 20-21 2019 – EA General Assembly Meeting, Budapest, Hungary

Event Details: https://44thgeneralassembly.hu/

The online registration is available on the website by using the registration platform till 30th August 2019. https://44thgeneralassembly.hu/

Rooms for participants have been pre-booked in the hotel of the meeting venue. You can book your accommodation by sending a booking form to the Art’otel Group Reservations. Email: budapest@artotels.com

Booking form: https://44thgeneralassembly.hu/wp-content/uploads/Booking-form-44th-EAGA-Budapest-2019-november-1.doc

For more information visit: https://www.artotels.com/budapest-hotel-hu-h-1011/hunbuart/hotel

You can see our image video about Budapest by using the link: https://youtu.be/_i2IPTSssd8

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact NAH. E-mail: titkarsag@nah.gov.hu

  • November 20-21 2019 – 13th Annual CITA RAG AA Meeting, Shenzhen, China, Theme: “Improving PTI Compliance Through Technical Innovation.” Email the following contacts to confirm registration or receive additional information: Mr. George Wang george@cosber.com and CITA SECRETARIAT secretariat@citainsp.org by 30 OCTOBER 2019.
  • March 30-April 6 2020 – Joint IAF-ILAC Mid-Term Meetings, Beijing, China
  • May 5-6 2020 – 2020 CASCO Plenary, Berlin, Germany

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