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Berichtenoverzicht Eurolab

Publicatiedatum: 15 nov, 2019
Berichtenoverzicht Eurolab

Please see hereunder the weekly notice.


  • For information,  CEN/CLC/JTC 1 circulated to CEN and CENELEC Technical Boards a working draft Standardization Request in the area of accreditation and conformity assessment. Please see enclosed for further details.



  • The Adopted Resolutions of the 23rd ILAC General Assembly are available to download from the conference file sharing area and from the publications section of the ILAC website.



  • The deadline to provide EA with comments on the Revised Articles of Association and Rules of Procedure is approaching. Kindly send your comments to Diana Popa diana.popa@eurolab.org by 15th November 2019. You can find enclosed the comments received with the response from the EA Executive Committee, the new drafts of the revised AoA and RoP, as well as the templates to be used for your comments.
  • EA has distributed the TFG revised draft of “EA-1/22 – EA Procedure and Criteria for the Evaluation of Conformity Assessment Schemes by EA Accreditation Body Members” for a second round of comments. Kindly send the comments, if you have any, by 25th of November.
  • EA has circulated for comments (reminder) the TFG EA-3/01 first draft of “Proposal for rules on the use of the EA MLA Mark”. Template for comments is enclosed. Kindly send your comments (template enclosed), if you have any, by 25th November.



  • 2019 November 20-21 – EA General Assembly Meeting, Budapest, Hungary

Event Details: https://44thgeneralassembly.hu/

  • 2019 November 20-21 – 13th Annual CITA RAG AA Meeting, Shenzhen, China, Theme: “Improving PTI Compliance Through Technical Innovation.” Email the following contacts to confirm registration or receive additional information: Mr. George Wang george@cosber.com and CITA SECRETARIAT secretariat@citainsp.org by 30 OCTOBER 2019.
  • 2019 December 4-5 – CITA RAG Central & South America, Santiago, Chile

If you wish participate to the meeting, please sent a confirmation email both to Mrs. Jennifer González: jennifer.gonzalez@OpusInspection.com and CITA SECRETARIAT: secretariat@citainsp.org – by 15 NOVEMBER 2019.

  • 2020 March 30-April 6 – Joint IAF-ILAC Mid-Term Meetings, Beijing, China
  • 2020 May 5-6 – 2020 CASCO Plenary, Berlin, Germany
  • 2020 June 12-15 – ISO/TC 135 “Non-destructive testing” meeting, Yeongdong-daero, Samseong-Dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea.
  • 2020 June 18-19 – 64th EOQ Scientific Quality Congress 2020, Effective Education for Quality, Hyatt Regency, Belgrade, Serbia, http://www.eoqcongress2020.srmek.org/
  • 2020 October – IAF Annual Meeting, Montreal, Quebec, Canada


Also, please see below several upcoming due dates:

  • November 15 – Comments due – ISO-IEC 17050-1
  • November 15 – Comments due – Comments Due – ISO-IEC 17050-2


2019-09-20 ea-1-22-rev-03-draft-rev-20-Sep-2019

AI_5.3a EAEX(19)09 EA AoA draft 10Sept2019 track

AI_5.3c EAEX(19)09 EA RoP draft 10Sept2019 track

AI_5.3d EAEX(19)09 Summary Comments – EA 1-17 RoP – with EX response 10Sept2019



Item 8.1 Proposal for rules on the use of the EA MLA Mark v030719

Template for Comments – EA 1_22

Template for comments – EA 1-17 Rules of procedure – Round 2

Template for Comments – Proposal for rules on the use of the EA MLA Mark

Template for comments – Revised Article of Association – Round 2

AI_5.3b EAEX(19)09 Summary Comments revised AoA – with EX response 10Sept2019

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