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Berichten vanuit Eurolab – april 2020

Publicatiedatum: 23 apr, 2020
Berichten vanuit Eurolab – april 2020

The EUROLAB Board Members have decided to cancel the National Members’ Meeting 2020 and accompanying events which were taking place in Vienna, given the circumstances and the unclarity of how the COVID-19 situation will evolve. Please find enclosed the draft minutes with the resolution.
The organisation of the EUROLAB National Members’ Meeting 2021/2022 will be discussed and decided as soon as possible in the upcoming period.Thank you very much in advance for your understanding and support!



Reminders. Three documents are out for comments or ballot:

  • IAF PL3 – Policies and Procedures on the IAF MLA structure and expanding its scope – should you have any comments, please send them to me by Tuesday, April 28
  • IAF PL5 – Structure of the International Accreditation Forum, Inc. – should you have any comments, please send them to me by Monday, June 1
  • 2020-2025 IAF Strategic Plan – ballot. Should you have any comments, please send them to me by Wednesday, May


  • ISO/IEC TS 17021-12:2020 – Conformity assessment – Requirements for bodies providing audit and certification of management systems — Part 12: Competence requirements for auditing and certification of collaborative business relationship management systems has been published.
  • ISO/IEC 17021-1:2015 – Conformity assessment – Requirements for bodies providing audit and certification of management systems — Part 1: Requirements is undergoing a systematic review until 2020-09-02. A systematic review will result in the withdrawal, revision or confirmation of the document.
  • ISO/IEC 17023:2013 – Conformity assessment – Guidelines for determining the duration of management system certification audits is also undergoing a systematic review until 2020-09-02.


  • There are around 115 EU legislations which refer to accreditation and conformity assessment. EA has prepared a directory of EU legislations with relation to accreditation and conformity assessment, EA-INF/05, available at https://european-accreditation.org/publications/ea-inf-05/.
  • The 45th EA General Assembly will be held electronically on 14 May 2020 (10:00 – 13:00). Please note that the Dutch Civil Code does not permit decisions in writing (e-ballots) and thus the need for an online formal meeting.
    For technical reasons only EA Full and Associate members are invited to this online meeting. Only one delegate (connection) per Full member is allowed and Associates are encouraged to stay away. This is due only to technical constraints. The draft agenda is attached. All relevant documents will be made available soon to all members and stakeholders and all are invited to provide comments.
  • Publications now available on the EA website:
    EA – 1/22 “EA Procedure and Criteria for the Evaluation of Conformity Assessment Schemes” : click here Also, please note that the Evaluation Report Template has been updated and available on the HHC CA schemes intranet folder.
    EA – 2/17 “EA Document on Accreditation for Notification purpose” : click here
    EA – 2/20 “Consultancy, and the Independence of Conformity Assessment Bodies” : click here
    EA – INF/02 “Contact Persons of EA Full and Associate Members, Recognized Stakeholders and Observers”: click here
    EA – INF/01 List of EA Publications and International Documents, including a new column named “peer evaluation” ticked when documents are relevant for peer evaluations: click here
  • A revised version of the COVID 19 information document for notified bodies is attached.
  • EA Certification Committee. Attached are the questions discussed at the 38th EACC meeting in Berlin with answers that have been reviewed and fine-tuned further to the meeting discussions. Please review and provide any final comments by Friday, May 29 so that the EACC Review Panel can reach a consensus before the FAQs are published on the EA website.
    Please note that answers of questions 38.4, 38.6, 38.8, 38.11 and 38.20 will be excluded from publication for now.

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