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Diverse berichtgeving Eurolab, relevant tijdens COVID-19 crisis

Publicatiedatum: 02 apr, 2020
Diverse berichtgeving Eurolab, relevant tijdens COVID-19 crisis

Onderstaande berichtgeving is een selectie uit de ontvangen berichten vanuit Eurolab, relevant voor de TIC-sector tijdens de COVID-19 crisis:

1. FEFAC: Feed safety will not be compromised by new EU Commission COVID-19 measures
The EU Commission published measures on March 30 that allows member states to carry out official controls on the agri-food chain – animals, plants food and feed – on a more flexible basis, in order to tackle the specific challenges of the situation due to COVID-19.
Source: FeedNavigator

2. EFSA chief: EU food safety rules ensure protection against COVID-19
Although coronavirus can survive on surfaces for a limited time, food safety regulations in EU member states ensure a high level of protection against contaminated food, said the chief of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) Bernhard Url in an interview.
Source: Euractiv.

3. Tackling the current outbreak
The European Commission has allocated €48.5 million tor 18 research projects within Horizon 2020, the EU’s framework programme for funding research.
The 140 research teams from across the EU and beyond that are participating in these projects are working on:
• improving preparedness and response to outbreaks by developing better monitoring systems to prevent and control the spread of the virus
• rapid point-of-care diagnostic tests, enabing quicker and more accurate diagnosis
• new treatments
• developing new vaccines
Source: European Parliament.

4. New control material developed by Commission scientists to help prevent #Coronavirus test failures: European Commission scientists have designed new control material that laboratories can use to check the correct functioning of their coronavirus tests and to avoid false negatives.
Source: EU Reporter.

5. Coronavirus: Commission presents practical guidance to ensure the free movement of critical workers
The Commission has issued new practical advice to ensure that mobile workers within the EU, in particular those in critical occupations to fight the coronavirus pandemic, can reach their workplace. This includes but is not limited to those working in the health care and food sectors, and other essential services like childcare, elderly care, and critical staff for utilities.
Source: European Commission.

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